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At the Scarcella Law Offices, your case becomes our case. We handle all personal injury claims, from automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, trip and fall, wrongful death cases, defective product cases. If you were injured because of someone else's negligence, you deserve to be compensated.

Scarcella Law Offices works with medical and forensic experts, engineers, accident reconstructionist experts, and economic impact consultants to establish what your injuries mean for you and your family. With offices in White Plains, New York and Manhattan, we serve personal injury victims in all boroughs of New York City, and Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland counties.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Automobile Collisions

Recovering Damages in Personal Injury Collisions

Getting back on your feet after a car accident isn't always easy. Accident victims face hospital bills, lost wages, and long-term health care costs when injuries are severe. With offices in Manhattan and White Plains, New York, Scarcella Law Offices is prepared with the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to recover damages for our clients. Recognizing that an injury often means disability or a loss in quality of life, we consult with experts and develop an economic impact analysis that details the financial consequences of an injury. We don't wait around to see what the other side is willing to offer - we uncover evidence, expose the facts, and demand justice for our clients.

Trucking Accidents

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable for Negligence

A loaded tractor trailer weighs up to 40 tons, often leading to major injuries or death in collisions with smaller vehicles. Scarcella Law Offices of White Plains, New York vigorously pursues the financial damages that truck accident victims and their families need.

We understand how devastating the aftermath of a trucking accident can be — severe or permanent injuries, numerous victims, and often multiple vehicles. We have the resources to sort out liability and insurance issues and ensure that our clients are fully compensated for their losses.

Motorcycle Crashes

Aggressive Representation in Cycle Crashes

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to serious injuries when struck by a negligent motorist. Working closely with our clients, Scarcella Law Offices, located in Manhattan and White Plains, New York, recovers damages for injured motorcyclists facing medical bills, potential long term disability, even death. Consulting with economic impact analysts, our law offices are dedicated to accurately determining the financial impact of an injury for our clients. And it's not just about hospital and doctor bills - it's about the loss in quality of life and the emotional trauma associated with severe injuries. At the Scarcella Law Offices, we believe justice today demands taking care of tomorrow's problems as well.

Pedestrians Struck by Cars

Aggressive Representation for Victims Struck by Cars

There's nothing more annoying than impatient car, taxi, and delivery drivers who insist on inching through waves of pedestrians trying to cross the street. In New York, at intersections, crosswalks, and stop signs, motorists don't always watch for pedestrians. At the Manhattan and White Plains, New York Scarcella Law Offices we go after negligent drivers who fail to yield at stoplights, stop signs, and intersections. Not only are we prepared to reconstruct the accident but we also consult with experts who measure skid marks, review on-board computer data in vehicles, and interview eye-witnesses. Uncovering the facts, we prepare your case in light of the financial impact of your injuries and demand justice.

Drunk Driver Accidents

Holding Bars and Drunk Drivers Accountable for Injuries

If a loved one was injured or killed by an intoxicated driver, we have the resources and experience to sue the responsible parties for your injuries and losses. Our White Plains, New York drunk driving accident lawyers are familiar with negligence lawsuits and the complex insurance issues involved in these accidents.

Medical Negligence

Medical Malpractice

Holding Doctors and Hospitals Responsible for Substandard Care

We're often at our most vulnerable when we seek medical care and treatment. When x-rays are required, physical exams undertaken, or surgery performed, we place our lives in the hands of healthcare professionals responsible for our well-being. At the Scarcella Law Offices, located in Manhattan and White Plains, New York, our network of medical malpractice attorneys hold negligent doctors and hospitals accountable for the injuries they cause.

Birth Injury or Infant Death

Medical Malpractice Claims in Delivery or Pregnancy

Parents expecting a baby have no choice but to place their trust in the doctors and medical professionals. If that trust is breached through negligent monitoring or poor decisions, the consequences to a newborn or developing infant can be devastating. At Scarcella Law Offices of White Plains, New York, we hold physicians, nurses and hospitals accountable for errors resulting in birth defects or infant death.

Premises Liability

Slip and Fall Accidents

Seeking Damages for Slip and Fall / Trip and Fall

We've all seen it before - food, a puddle, even store merchandise lying on the floor. Business and property owners have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for those who enter their premises. At Scarcella Law Offices, with locations in Manhattan and White Plains, New York, we don't allow businesses and building managers to brush off injuries suffered from slips and falls on their property.

Whether it's icy stairs, mopped floors, or obstructed hallways, broken ankles and slipped discs disrupt lives and cost money. Our personal injury lawyers are prepared with medical experts, accident reconstructionists, and eyewitness testimony. We identify what a business or property owner failed to do and why it caused our client's injury. Making sure you get the financial compensation you need to cover medical bills, we help clients get back on their feet again.

Assaults Causing Bodily Injury

Proving Liability in New York Bar Fights or Beatings

Bar owners can be held liable for injuries suffered in a barroom brawl or inflicted by an overzealous bouncer. If you suffered a serious personal injury because of a bar fight that got out of hand or rough treatment by security staff, contact the assault and battery lawsuit attorneys of Scarcella Law Offices.

Tenant Injuries Caused by Landlord Negligence

Neglected Maintenance • Lack of Security

Landlords are not responsible for every accident that happens on their property. But they can be held liable when failure to address known safety hazards leads to injury. If you believe you have a landlord negligence injury claim, contact a premises liability attorney at Scarcella Law Offices.

Dog Bites and Attacks

Compensation for Physical and Emotional Damages

When you're out in the park or walking up the stairs to your apartment, you shouldn't have to worry about being attacked by a dog. Unfortunately in New York, dog owners don't always take the precautions they should to protect others from their pet. Scarcella Law Offices, with offices in Manhattan and White Plains, New York, is prepared to hold owners liable for the injuries caused by their dogs.

As White Plains personal injury attorneys, we've seen the damage a dog can do - disfigurement, scarring, torn ligaments, even death. When young children are involved, it's especially heartbreaking. And while we're not opposed to pet owners, we certainly think if they're going to own a dog then they'd better be prepared to accept responsibility for the injuries they cause when they attack others.

Product Defects

Lead Paint Poisoning

New York Liability Claims Over Lead-Based Paint

Congress outlawed lead-based paint nearly three decades ago, but lead poisoning from old layers of paint continues to cause serious health issues for apartment dwellers and homeowners throughout the New York City metro area.

Auto Defects (Air Bags, Blown Tires)

Product Liability Claims Against Vehicle Manufacturers

While automobiles are safer than they were a few decades ago, many safety and design features cause injury, or fail to protect vehicle occupants, due to manufacturing or design defects.

Defective Products or Hazardous Substances

Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Dangerous Products

Manufacturers are required by law to adhere to safety standards for the products they provide to the public. When a poorly assembled electrical appliance causes severe shock or a car's tire blows out due to poor design, the manufacturer can be held liable. At the Scarcella Law Offices, located in Manhattan and in White Plains, New York, we're prepared to establish the dangerous nature of a particular product and explain how it caused our client's injuries. Working one-on-one with our clients, we collect evidence, establish timelines, provide medical documentation, and conduct an economic impact analysis to determine the damages suffered.

Work Injuries

Workers Compensation Claims

Protecting Your Rights in Employment-Related Accidents

We know from experience that workers are not always treated well when they are injured on the job. Employers try to minimize the work injury and pressure employees back to work before they are healed. Insurance companies may flat-out deny a work injury claim for medical bills and lost wages.

Construction Accidents

Recovering Damages for Work Site Injury or Death

If you work for a private contractor and are injured on the job, workers' compensation may not cover your injuries. Depending on the circumstances involved, negligence on the part of a business owner or employer may result in their being held liable for your injuries.

At the Scarcella Law Offices, located in Manhattan and White Plains, New York, we're prepared to go after property owners and construction site operators who fail to maintain a proper, safe working environment.

Major Injury or Wrongful Death

Catastrophic, Permanent Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury • Loss of Limb • Spinal Cord Injury

When an accident results in permanent loss of a physical function or a traumatic brain injury, victims and their families suffer tremendous financial, physical and emotional hardships. While no amount of money can restore what was lost, a lawsuit for financial damages can replace lost income, address future medical needs, and improve quality of life.

Fatality Caused by Negligence

Pursuing Justice When a Loved Is Killed by Negligence

When lives are loss due to negligence, it's particularly tragic. Accidents that could have been prevented had others taken certain precautions or exercised better judgment leave families devastated by loss and grief. At the Scarcella Law Offices, located in Manhattan and White Plains, New York, we understand the impact an unexpected death can have on a family. That's why we take responsibility for immediately investigating what happened, collecting evidence, and interviewing witnesses in preparation for your case. We recognize the difficult time you're going through and the important things you need to address as a family.